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Even though it’s a few weeks into the semester, my brain is still finding it hard to let go of summer. It’s so easy to daydream about beach days when the weather has been so beautiful. However, my current reality of six upper-division courses (yay senior year) has me stuck in my books, leaving only the weekends to escape. Planning my weeks has become a skill I have yet to master. Here are some ways I’ve been keeping myself sane.

Keeping a routine. Whether it’s skincare, eating meals, or going to bed at a good time, maintaining a routine is keeping me from losing my sanity. Sometimes, it’s really easy for me to slack off on my routines, which will cause my skin to break out or make me incredibly tired. Either way, that only makes me more stressed out. Building routines that literally take 5 minutes is a nice cool down from the long school days, and gives me something to focus on that isn’t reading textbooks. I am officially obsessed with skincare (and makeup, but that’s not new).

Making time to see friends. Literally any time I can, I make sure to see my sorority sisters. Anytime I spend taking off the pressure of school is treasured. Being with my friends can be as easy as getting dinner or as chaotic as going to Disneyland. I love going out and getting food, relaxing at the beach, or even studying with other people. My friends are actually the reason I survive every week, and I couldn’t do it without them.

Being a senior in college has made it really obvious that the real world is coming, and I’m honestly not too happy about it. If you have any tips on how I can get my life together, please let me know. 

Alexa is an Art and Journalism student at San Diego State University. A true California native, she loves sunshine, being outdoors, and road trips. Her passions include photography, activism, traveling, writing, drawing, and all things creative. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, the Photo Editor for The Daily Aztec Newspaper, and currently feeding her caffeine addiction as a barista. You can probably find me behind my camera, on Twitter, or perfecting my latte art at Starbucks.