I Got the Nintendo Switch Lite and Here is my Experience

Over the weekend my mom, my aunt and I went to Best Buy. They were looking for a new washing machine, but my mind was somewhere else. I’ve been eyeing the Nintendo Switch for a while, but as a college student the pricing seems a bit much. So, when the Nintendo Switch Lite came out I’ve been contemplating whether to get it or not. Originally, the pricing and the color choices were what drew me to it. I spent days looking at the differences between a Lite and a normal Switch. I’ve come to the conclusion that Switch Lite would be more tailored to my needs. I travel a lot, and I’m an only child. The original switch didn’t sway me with the TV deck and the removable controls. My favorite color is turquoise, (my phone case, my backpack and even my pepper spray is turquoise), so naturally I chose the turquoise one. I was going to wait till Black Friday, but the child inside me wanted it RIGHT NOW! Even though I had to pay for it with my own money, satisfying my inner child was just so worth it. 

At Best Buy I purchased a game for 20 dollars, it was on sale! WHAT A STEAL! After spending $238 on myself I got in the car and immediately opened it. It comes half charged and set-up was super easy. If you’re looking for a good price, comfort, and easy game play, I suggest the Switch Lite. I have played with the original switch a while back, but I found the console too large for me and I couldn’t carry it with me everywhere. Now that I’ve had the Switch Lite for a weekend I’ll be taking it everywhere I go and probably not put it down for a while!