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How TikTok Helped Me Get An Internship

People used to make fun of me for having TikTok downloaded on my phone. Little did they know that it wasn’t just a place for dancing, challenges, and teenagers. Behind the renegade and Hype House drama, there is a whole world of career advice and job seekers ready to take you under their wing. 

As I got a bit more curated to TikTok, my For You Page or “FYP” became a lot more specific. So specific that it knew I was a twenty-something-year-old college student with not one internship under her belt. TikTok came to my rescue. Here is how to get your FYP filled with resume tips, LinkedIn advice, and internship alerts that could launch your career endeavors faster than ever before.


If you are brand new to the professional world, I would suggest creating a LinkedIn. To start, type into TikTok, “LinkedIn tips” and get ready to discover a whole new world. Professionals from around the world are sharing their tips and tricks for networking—use them!


The videos under this hashtag helped me transform my resume that has since landed me two internships at top companies! Users will even go as far as to review and critique your resume for you to improve it. The same can be done for cover letters as well.

#Internships Are A Must! 

Creators will post internship applications for the biggest companies along with submission dates and requirements. You’ll find internships from some of the biggest companies such as Google, Disney, and NBC! Keep up on this hashtag regularly so you don’t miss the deadlines!


Finally, the best kept secret for young professionals is the #InterviewTips hashtag. There are endless videos with tips on how to nail your interview including how to prep your answers and what questions to ask at the end. Out of all the career advice on Tiktok, the interview tips are the most valuable in my opinion! Tiktok is the new Linkedin—OK maybe not, but it is your own personal career coach!

Follow These Creators! 

If they have a #careeradvice video with thousands of views, it is likely that they have similar videos with helpful information. Find videos and creators that you like so that way you can stay up to date with the advice they have to offer. You never know what type of connections you’ll be able to make.

Who knew that scrolling on TikTok for the past year would put me ahead in my career faster than ever before? When you use the app with the intention to better yourself, it is no longer a time waster!


Rachel Herrera

Hi! My name is Rachel Herrera and I'm majoring in Communication with a minor in Theatre Arts at San Diego State University. I was born and raised in San Diego and love exploring my favorite city! I have a passion for the arts, activism, faith, and finding the best avocado toast SD has to offer. I love to sing, act, dance, read, and I'm currently trying (struggling) to learn how to play the guitar. On the weekends, you can find me at work, aka a birthday party playing your favorite Disney Princess! Writing has always been a creative outlet for me and I'm excited to be apart of the Her Campus community!
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