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How to Style Your Jean Jacket this Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SDSU chapter.

A jean jacket in your closet is a crucial staple item to own. You can really wear a jean jacket with almost any outfit. What is great about a classic jean jacket is that it keeps your outfit casual while also dressing it up if you style it correctly. There are several different ways that you can style a jean jacket. You can pair it with ripped jeans with fishnets, a casual dress, or a cute tee.

Photo by Harsh Varshney

In this particular outfit, I decided to style my jean jacket from Charlotte Russe with a casual t-shirt dress from H&M. The dress itself is very simple so I felt that I needed to add things to the outfit so it wasn’t as boring. Along with the jacket, I added a long maroon choker from Francesca’s. This store has several awesome accessories that can be paired with multiple outfits. I got this particular necklace from my friend Vicky. It has tassels at the bottom and is long enough to wrap around your neck and tied in the middle.

San Diego is known to be very sunny which is why I am always wearing sunglasses when I am exploring around the city. I wore my circular sunglasses from Ray-Ban in this picture. I LOVE these sunglasses because the outside is reflective so no one is able to see my eyes which is a huge perk. The purse that I am holding is a light pink/grey shoulder bag from Kate Spade. I received this purse as a gift from my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day last month. Lastly, the shoes that I am wearing are brown booties from Charlotte Russe. I wear these with a bunch of different outfits and I love them because they go with anything.  

Like I said earlier, jean jackets can be styled in many different ways. This is just one of a hundred variations of styling a jean jacket. The jean jacket is super in right now so if you don’t own one, go out and buy one for yourself!

Emily is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus SDSU. She is a 4th year journalism student from Chicago, IL. At SDSU, she is in Kappa Delta, is the Social Media Director of Rho Lambda and the Vice President Membership of Order of Omega. Emily's favorite hobbies are dancing, online shopping, planning out her Instagram feed, blogging and going to Disneyland. On a daily basis, you can find her glued to her laptop writing blog posts and editing Youtube videos. In the future, she wants to work for the Walt Disney Company on their social media marketing and communications corporate team. Emily's strong passion for digital media & content creation makes her very proud to be a member of the Her Campus team!