How To Stay Motivated During Online Class

Within a short few days, college students around the world had to say goodbye to their friends, uproot their lives, move back home and start online classes. Leaving college early is hard enough, but having almost no time to transition to online classes is even harder. Luckily, my school gave us a break before starting online classes which made it easier to move back home and adapt to my new life. Now, I go down to my basement every day to do my online classes, which has taken some time to get used to. This new routine can become tiring and boring really fast, so it’s important to stay motivated during this time of uncertainty. Here are some ways that I stay motivated with online classes.


Every morning, instead of waking up five minutes before my class and watching my lecture in bed, I wake up with enough time to do my normal college routine. I get dressed, do my skin care routine, brush my teeth and make breakfast so I can feel productive. Although I want to stay in my PJs all day, it doesn’t make me feel motivated to start my day.


Going down to my basement for my online classes is also helpful. Rather than staying in bed all day, sitting at a desk with my computer reminds me of my physical classes and keeps me focused. It’s a lot harder to fall asleep at the desk than in my comfy bed! 


Setting aside time for homework after classes is also important. Although I normally want to go back to bed after class, I try to stay at the desk after each class to do any homework that my professor might have assigned during class. Finishing my homework earlier lets me relax for the rest of the day.


Although staying motivated with online classes is difficult, sticking to a normal routine helps a lot and has kept me more accountable for my work. Trying even one of these tips might help with your motivation too!