How Many Planners and Calendars Are Really Necessary?

The start of the semester has come in hot and students -- some ready, some not -- must hit the ground running. Organization is key for success and making sure all important dates are written down goes hand and hand with organization. Find what works for you and try out these seven simple ways to keep life running in an orderly fashion. 

  1. 1. Phone Calendar

    Now this may seem like a simple and obvious choice but using either an iPhone or Android is a quick way to jot things down in a pinch. Very rarely is anyone ever without a phone so when all other options are down and there is no wifi around, the phone calendar is a great option to satisfy your organizational needs.  Other great features for iPhone users include family sharing, colored tabs and drag-and-drop event moving.

  2. 2. Google Calendar

    Chances are Google Calendar is something you probably already have access to whether or not you’ve actually used it. This is a free service provided to anyone who signs up for a Google account or attached to any Gmail account. Once created, the calendar offers features such as sharing with friends, family or co-workers, alarms, reminders, color coding and easy organization.

  3. 3. Trello

    If you are creative and to-do-lists are your life, Trello is the place to be. Trello is a free, interactive project-based planner. On Trello, users can make boards with tasks and attach deadlines. The boards are also customizable; you can add pictures and colors in addition to them being sharable. 

  4. 4. My Study Life

    Looking for a strictly school-related planner ? My Study Life is for you. This free site aims to create timetable schedules for all exams, assignments, classes and tasks. It also provides students with reminders and is syncable between all devices.

  5. 5. Week Plan

    This particular planner is not free; however, users have the option for a free trial. Week Plan  is based on the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey, and is made to help people reach their goals and objectives while completing tasks. All people who use this planner start by imputing their vision statement, and from there the sky's the limit. Members then schedule events based on priority daily, weekly and monthly while working towards self-improvement. 

  6. 6. Handwritten

    Technology isn't for everyone, and even if you love your online planner, having a hardcopy planner isn’t a bad idea. Along with staying organized, planners are also a place to express personal style through the design of the cover, pages and overall style. My favorite planner which I’ve been using for three years is from and online stationery store called Molly and Rex. Find one that suits you so when the internet is down and your phone is dead, you still know your deadlines.

  7. 7. Wall Calendar

    Last but not least, and definitely the easiest option, is a wall calendar. Whether it is a whiteboard, chalkboard or paper, wall calendars are a nice visual display to see the month laid out on paper. They also add some additional decor and can enhance the aesthetics of a room.

When it comes to choosing a planner and calendar, there is no right or wrong decision. Find which one, or which combination of planners, works best for you. Your life should be planned and arranged how you like it, but choose wisely because assignments are due right around the corner!