How to Keep Your Eyelashes Looking Fresh!

Eyelash extensions have become the hot new wave over the past couple years, and I can admit, I’ve fallen into the trend 100%. I am absolutely IN LOVE with eyelash extensions. 

They make me look like I have my life together since my face is already put together. It’s sooo nice being able to sleep in a little longer instead of waking up earlier to do my makeup. My skin also flourishes while I have eyelash extensions because I rarely feel the need to put product on my face.

I have my go-to beauty salon, The Sugared Belle in Brea, CA, which is actually owned and operated by my cousin! The salon offers a variety of services, including eyelash extensions, sugaring, spray tanning, facials and more. I can talk endlessly about their amazing services, but I’ll get into that another day. 

I wanted to share my experience and tips for how to properly maintain your eyelash extensions, if you choose to go that route! There are certain things you need to know before you decide to commit to them:

  1. 1. They can be very pricey

    Eyelash Extensions aren’t a cheap service, and if they are dramatically cheaper than other places, I’d do your research before you sit in that chair. A typical eyelash extension service can range from about $80 to sometimes nearly $200 depending on the salon. Fills are often half or ¾;s of the original price. However, I think investing in my lashes is worth it every morning when I don’t have to do my makeup and still look put together! They also spice up any makeup look I do and I no longer have to struggle putting on strip lashes.

  2. 2. You have to maintain your fills

    Eyelash extensions are glued to your real lashes, and your own lashes have a growth cycle. Depending on how fast your natural lashes grow, the extensions will grow out and fall off over time. You’ll need to schedule fills about every 2 weeks in order to keep them looking full and fresh. This means frequent trips to the salon and fill fees.

  3. 3. You must take care of them!

    If you’re investing in such a nice service, make sure that you’re taking care of them! You’ll need to wash them daily. Invest in either a cleanser or baby shampoo and gently massage the eyelashes, removing any dirt and makeup from them. Let the lashes air dry and do not brush them with a spooly until they are completely dry.

  4. 4. Do not wet them for 24-48 hours after your service

    For longer-wear and better results, do not wet your lashes for the first day or two. After that, feel free to wet them for cleansing purposes! Remember, be gentle. 

  5. 5. Brush, brush, brush!

    Be sure to brush your lashes at least twice a day to prevent them from becoming intertwined and clumpy. Only brush them when they are dry.

  6. 6. Take some bomb selfies, of course!

    I don’t know about you, but having my lashes done is a huge confidence booster for me. Don’t forget to take some selfies showing off your beautiful face!