How to Earn Extra Cash by Walking Dogs

Need money but don’t have time for a part-time job and school? If you love dogs and have a car on campus you’re in luck. My newfound secret to making some extra cash whenever it is most convenient for me is WAG.

WAG is a company that offers dog walks, and pet sitting and you can become an employee in a few simple steps and start making money fast. As a WAG walker, you simply take dogs on walks for a designated amount of time (The owner sets this, it is usually 20-30 minutes) and see the money roll in. In the first three days of being a WAG walker, I made over $80. Most walks average $8 to $12 and then the owners usually tip a few dollars on top of that.

This is a job that is on your time, so you work when you want to. It is an easy process to get started. You just have to fill out some information in an application online and add some references, which can be family members, who can vouch that you are good with animals. Then, take a quick dog safety and harness quiz, submit your personal information for a background check and wait for a few days. Once your background check is cleared, you have to register as an official WAG walker which is $25 but includes a t-shirt and bandana for the dog you are walking. If you take a photo in them while you walk a dog, you get an extra $1 per walk.

Once you are registered, you download the app, put in your location and wait for walks to roll in. Most of the time they will be on demand walks but sometimes they are scheduled ahead of time. You simply click the link to the notification see if you want to accept the walk and go from there. Once you accept the walk, you will have access to information about the dog, how to enter the household (usually by a lockbox), any instructions from the owner and even information on parking. Once you start your walk, you press the button in the app that tracks where you walk, tells you how long you have been walking for as well as the distance and you can add notes or drop pins to notify the owner if the dog went to the bathroom.

Overall, it’s very little work for a lot of money. It is also enjoyable as it's a great way to get away from the stress of school and get some exercise while spending time with adorable pups! So if you’re looking for a way to make some easy money, look no further and sign up for WAG!