How to Breeze Through Midterm Season & Kick Stress to the Curb

Ah, midterm season; it can sneak up on you without warning. Good thing you have this guide to help you prepare to face each and every exam your professors throw at you calmly and confidently.

  1. 1. Plan ahead

    Use a planner or calendar on a regular basis and write down due dates as well as test dates. Try adding these dates to your calendar notifications too!

  2. 2. Say no to cramming

    Do your best not to cram for an exam the night before. Forget about studying the morning of the test - epic FAIL! Instead, create a schedule that includes which days you will study and what classes you will focus on each day. Make this schedule at least two weeks before the exam and make sure to follow it!

  3. 3. Manage distractions

    Study in a quiet place where you know you’ll be able to get things done and won’t be easily distracted. 

  4. 4. Try downloading these apps

    Avoid using your cell phone while studying.You could end up scrolling for hours and not getting any work done. If you have trouble staying off of your phone or social media, try downloading apps like Freedom, Forest, and Flipd, or try switching to airplane mode.

  5. 5. Take deep breaths

    Take a few deep breaths (inhale through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds) before you begin to study in order to get your mind in the right place. This will also help you focus better and release tension.


  6. 6. Study with a group

    If you find it hard to study alone, find a study group or make your own. Study groups are extremely helpful and can motivate you to get to work. It’s also a great way to make new friends!


  7. 7. Breaks are important

    Take small breaks when you are studying hour after hour. Try taking a break every 2 hours. Studies have shown this can improve your focus.

  8. 8. Opt for healthy snacks

    Eat healthy always, but especially during midterm season! Steer clear of junk food if possible and opt for fruits or veggies over chips when you want to snack on something. I recommend snacking on carrots and hummus, trail mix or grapes instead of potato chips, popcorn or fruit snacks. You will feel much more energized.  


  9. 9. Go to office hours!

    Take advantage of your professors’ office hours! Oftentimes, professors will add extra office hours the week of or before a midterm, so don’t be afraid to make use of them. Professors are there to help you learn and finally grasp that one thing you’ve been confused about for weeks!

  10. 10. Catch some z's please!

    Get a good night's rest, not just the night before an exam but during the whole week. By doing so, your memory will be given the boost it needs and your focus will be enhanced to ensure you breeze through your midterms.

Midterm season isn’t exactly an exciting part of the college experience, but it doesn’t have to be a totally dreaded experience. Something that I find motivating is writing little positive notes and sticking them on my mirror or door so I am reminded that I can and will get through midterm season in one piece. Remember, you got this!