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$he Ain’t Got No Money in the Bank: How to Earn Some Cash Flow

Money, or more accurately, the lack of, constantly sits like a looming rain cloud over our heads. From applying for financials aid to the student loans that are stacking up, to not wanting to burden our parents for “spending money”, the lack of cash is a problem on every college student’s mind. While many articles have covered ways to save money, it’s time we focus on how to make some money for a change, because as we know, saving can only take us so far.

So, how exactly do we go about making some bank when many of us are full time students, with anywhere from fifteen to twenty-one units, on top of extracurricular activities? The answer is part-time jobs. The thought of applying for a job may be scary for those of us who have never had a job. And even for those of us who have plenty of job experience, we’re not sure where to look. Have no fear, HerCampus SDSU is here, and we’ve compiled a few ways to help jumpstart your road to putting money in the bank, rather than always taking it out.
First stop, on-campus jobs! For those of us without a car, on-campus jobs would be the most ideal and realistic. But how do you get started? Well to start, head over to the second floor of East Commons and locate the corporate office of Aztec Shops, where you can learn about opportunities working in student dining services and in the SDSU bookstore.
 San Diego State also has a Career Resource room located in SS1208 where they maintain listings for internships and part-time jobs, including on-campus, volunteer, service and seasonal positions. Many of the restaurants in the East and West Commons are always accepting applications; all you need to do is ask! Associated Students also offer student career opportunities working in the Arc or the Aquaplex. Check out their official website for more details about the positions they offer.

Can’t find an on-campus job? Off-campus jobs are also an option. SDSU is conveniently located by several shopping centers that are always looking for new employees. Simply go online and type in “Mission Valley Mall jobs” or “Fashion Valley Mall jobs”, and you’ll be able to pull up their webpage that lists all the stores and restaurants seeking immediate employees or are accepting applications. Also, check out the AMC Theater website for job opportunities at the movie theaters located at both Mission and Fashion Valley.
Another way to find off-campus jobs is to sign up for sites like Snagajob or Monsterjobs. Both of the sites are free to join and allow you to see what local businesses are hiring. “Opt in” on their email list to get updates and easy, step-by-step application help. Don’t have a car? Don’t fret! Many off-campus jobs are accessible by trolley and/or bus. Buy a day pass for only $5 or a monthly/semester pass at the Viejas ticket office.
Remember, always look presentable when picking up an application, you never know if the person you’ll be asking of one is an employee or the manager, and first impressions are hard to change. Dress accordingly to your interviews. Some job interviews may require business attire (shirt, tie and slacks for guys/shirts, knee length skirts, and under 2 inch heels for girls) while others may be casual (Not too casual! Don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt). Be friendly and be yourself. Lastly, if one job interview doesn’t work out, don’t give up! Perseverance is the key to being successful in starting your part-time career. Good luck!

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