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The Editing Apps You Need to Boost Your Feed

Social media gives us the opportunity to share photos of our lives but more than that, it is a platform to display our creativity. After sliding into many bloggers’ DMs and exploring the App Store for far too long, I finally discovered the best apps to create stunning story highlights and photo edits!



This app is incredible for creating story highlights! It comes with multiple free templates and has others that can be purchased for $1.99.



If you love the vintage, old school look then you need to download this app right now! It puts vintage filters on all of your videos. Just pair it with some music and you have the perfect retro video highlight! This app costs $2.99 but is worth every penny if old school filters make you swoon!

Lightroom CC.

This app is the best for editing photos like a blogger! There are so many ways to manipulate the pictures and create your own personalized photo aesthetic! It takes a little while to learn how to use it but once you get the hang of it you will be hooked. Not to mention this app is free! How can you pass that up?


Now this app is a game changer if you want a variety of presets at your disposal for free! VSCO has great presets to choose from and other amazing editing tools to create a cohesive feed.


Make your photos look like they were taken on a disposable camera with this fun app! For free, you can take photos through the app and it will “develop” that shot or you can buy the full version and add that vintage vibe to any photo in your camera roll!


I love this app because it’s a lot like VSCO but with more editing tools and great presets! It is extremely user friendly and allows you to be more artistic with your edits. So many people have asked me how I get the cute specks/grain filter on my photos and it is from this app! I love how it gives photos a more authentic look!


Graphic design is a great way to customize and brand yourself on social media. Over has great fonts, stickers and backgrounds to help you create content that expresses yourself! Not to mention it is my favorite app for making cute collages!

Give these apps a try and let your creativity take over, happy editing!

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