Binge Worthy Netflix Shows: Quarantine Edition

If you’re anything like me, which is a desperately bored college student looking to fill her days with some form of entertainment, Netflix has become a crutch during these times of state lockdowns and social distancing. I’m usually never one for binging a show or staying up until ungodly hours of the night to finish up a series, but hey, times have changed. I am a proud Netflix binger. I’ve seen it all (or at least a lot of it). 

If you think you are on your last legs with Netflix, scrolling and scrolling through titles with nothing piquing your interest, here’s a list that hopefully changes that for you. Here are my absolute favorite recommendations to binge on Netflix that are worth staying up to watch. 

The Pharmacist  This four episode docu-series highlights a pharmacist named Dan Schneider whose son was killed in a drug deal. The first half of the series focuses on Schneider as he seeks justice for his son, quickly uncovering the corruptness of the police force and the dangers of looking for a murderer. The second half of the series focuses on opioid addiction across America, and Schneider witnessing it all happen in front of him as a pharmacist. The series is absolutely crazy and has so many twists and turns that will leave you shocked. A key part to this docu-series is that throughout all of Schneider’s investigations, he records every single conversation. These recordings are played throughout the series, and make it that much more personal.

Tiger King  As if this docu-series is not hyped up enough right now, if you haven’t watched Tiger King, you are missing out. There is one word to describe this series: wild. Join in on the conversation and the memes to find out why Joe Exotic is as crazy as he is. Not only are the individuals featured in this series completely out there, but it also opens up a whole new world to the business of private zoos and owning exotic animals that isn’t widely known about. 

The People V. O.J. Simpson  A true crime show that was made by FX, this star studded true crime series showcases the events that led up to the arrest and eventual acquittal of accused murderer O.J. Simpson. The cast includes John Travolta, Sarah Paulson, Sterling K. Brown and more. To fully understand how and why juries work and how exactly Simpson was acquitted of a double homicide, this show explains everything perfectly while honing in on the tiny details. Robert Kardashian, one of Simpson’s big lawyers, and his family are portrayed in the show, and it’s interesting to see how close the Kardashians were to the case. 

Ozark  The current show I’m binging: Ozark. Holy wow. I just can’t stop watching! The acting is absolutely incredible and the storyline really draws you in. I genuinely get so stressed out watching. To preface, the show is about a man named Marty Bryde who launders money for the cartel, and let’s just say… he gets into a lot of trouble. The first episode contains a lot of information to set up the entire story, but once you get through that, everything just gets crazier.