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About a week ago, I stood in front of the all iconic Hepner Hall on the first day of class, just having finished an 8 a.m. media, law and ethics class. It was my last, first day as I begin my senior year here at State. Standing in front of Hepner got me thinking about just how far I had come and how much this campus means to me. 

Though SDSU was rarely on my radar for school until I finally realized I wanted to study Advertising, I think my dad had accepted the fact he would never see me walk in an SDSU graduation as he and many of my family members had. When I told my parents I had accepted my offer from SDSU, I think my dad’s buried dream of having an Aztec for a kid burst wide open. 

Last year, I was able to find archived Aztec Journal articles from when my dad attended back in the late 80s. There he was, photo printed in black and white, playing ice hockey with my uncle page after page. One of the best aspects of finding these old articles was seeing a legacy of my dad’s left behind for everyone to see. 

As I begin my final year at SDSU, I’ve been asked in many different ways to think about my own legacy on this campus. I think the most exciting part of it all is knowing that the possibilities are endless and that this is a campus that thoroughly supports its students and their success. At SDSU, I am a Her Campus author and an executive officer of Kappa Alpha Theta. 

If you’re new to SDSU, it’s never too early to start looking for ways to get involved and make a name for yourself. There are so many student organizations on campus including clubs to Associated Students to honors societies to athletics, intramurals, and four different Greek councils. Putting yourself out there and finding your niche is the best decision you can make for yourself in college.

Pursue your interests, not just the degree, and your time at SDSU will be all the more worthwhile. 

Megan is the Chief Operations Officer of Kappa Alpha Theta and a junior studying Journalism and Media Studies with an emphasis in Advertising. She can often be found editing photos, checking in on the latest collections walking the runways and always listening to podcasts. A few of Megan’s favorite things are sour candy, skiing and road trips with great playlists. Don't forget to check out her blog (alwaysmegannicole.com), her VSCO (alwaysmegannicole), and follow her on Instagram (megann_fitz).
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