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Whether I’m running to class or getting through a long list of assignments, my mind is always in a spiral, thinking of all the things I have to do that day. In the past, I’ve let myself only make “mental notes” of all the things I need to do that day or the various events or meetings I have to attend. However, with a busy schedule and (what seems like) a million deadlines, I’ve realized that a “mental to-do” list doesn’t work. I had to learn quickly that to have a productive day without being constantly stressed out or falling into a procrastination trap, I need to plan my day out and utilize a planner. 

As elementary as it may seem, the utilization of a planner and creating a habit of planning your day out can really make a massive impact on your day. The last thing anyone needs is added stress from the looming presence of all the scattered “to-do’s” that can fill our heads. If you find yourself constantly stressed or overwhelmed with the various tasks of your day, I highly recommend adding a planner to your every day to keep all your assignments, meetings, events, etc. in one organized and easily accessible place. 

Here are a couple of tips I follow when planning out my day or to ease the stress of a to-do list: 

  1. Plan your day the night before. 

To give yourself a firm idea of the date ahead, plan it out the night before. Like making the habit of planning your outfit the night before, you can do the same thing with a planner. This will definitely relieve the stress most people have of not even knowing what they have to do that day or what’s going on. For me, planning my day out before the day actually starts, allows me to wake up confidently knowing what I have and things I have to accomplish that day. 

  1. Include a “to-do” list section and a section to jot down plans or goals.

One of the most helpful things I’ve found when using a planner is creating different sections. Luckily, the planner I bought came with a to-do section on one side and a blank section on the other side. I love the ability to split up things like homework assignments from other things like meetings, plans, or goals like “going to the gym.” Splitting things up gives me a clear view of the day and also makes my list look less dauntingly lengthy when things are separated. 

  1. Cross things off your list when you’ve completed it. 

My favorite part about using a planner is being able to cross off things when I complete them. This small reward encourages me to not procrastinate and shows me that I’m working hard and getting things done. I often get the most stressed when I feel like I’m not getting anything done, so this habit definitely helps relieve this stress. 

  1. Plan your day consistently.  

I feel like the more I plan out my day, the more I feel put together and encouraged to be productive. By consistently incorporating planning my day, it’s now become a habit and a way of coping with stress and anxiety, which many of us students face. 

I highly suggest planning out your day or using a planner and incorporating it into your schedule to relieve stress and encourage productivity. Not only will you not miss assignments or meetings, but you will be more confident going into your day with a plan.

I’m a first year journalism major with an emphasis in advertising! From writing Op/Eds to reviewing newly released albums, I love pursuing my interests in journalism and learning about a variety topics. I am so excited to be apart of Her Campus!!