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Abel Mercado ’17

Name: Abel Mercado 

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Her Campus (HC): What made you choose SDSU? 

Abel Mercado (AM): “The sense of pride in being an Aztec really stood out to me. My high school had a lot of school spirit, so I wanted to continue with that camaraderie.”

HC: What do Student Ambassadors do?

AM: “We are the official student representatives, tour guides, and orientation leaders of SDSU.”

HC: What made you join Ambassadors?

AM: “It’s fun showing off your school trying to persuade others to go here. I love interacting with prospective students and putting a positive image to the school.”

HC: What do you do in Associated Students?

AM: “I am a justice in the Judicial Affairs Council. Basically we make sure the student leaders are fulfilling their requirements and following the rules of AS.”

HC: What do you plan to do with your major?

AM: “I’m in between applying for law school or trying to get a job at Buzzfeed after I finish my Undergrad.”

HC: What do you like to do for fun?

AM: “Explore random and new places. I like to go alone too because it gives you time to reflect.”

HC: What’s something not many people know about you?

AM: “I eventually want to be a Humanitarian and help communities in the Middle East or Mexico. My main goal with that is giving a voice for people who can’t be heard.”


Favorite Food: Chilaquilles 

Favorite Song: “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode 

Favorite Show: Broad City or Parks and Recreation 

Pet Peeve: When people cup my elbow while talking to me. 

Favorite San Diego Hot Spot: Trujillo’s 

Insta: abethebabe__ 

Probably complaining or making a joke. Instagram: @jennheinzel
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