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7 Song Titles That Sum Up Black Friday

Black Friday can equally be the greatest and the worst time of your life. Black Friday is when you’re favorite stores are having the best deals of the year. It’s the perfect time to get all the Christmas presents that you would possible need, at a fraction of the cost. It is when that gorgeous $50 black leather jacket with the cutest hood is 40% off. You know that nothing will keep you away. Although this event may be chaotic, you will push through like everyone else. Clothes > Sleep. Here are some song titles that will perfectly sum up the thoughts that run through your mind while shopping on Black Friday. 

1. Runnin’ (Lose It All)- Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce 

Most stores these days open up early on Thanksgiving night, which can be a boomer. However, that doesn’t stop people from rushing out of through Thanksgiving dinners and heading straight to the stores. When those store doors open, it is like the beginning of The Hunger Games. No one is going to come between that mom and her specialized 30% off blender. You know this because there is nothing keeping you away from that 40% off shoe sale.

2. Afraid-The Neighbourhood

This is for when you look everyone around you directly in the eyes. You can see the determination. Horror with overcome your facial expressions. The look on their faces is something you have never seen before and will never really see outside of Black Friday. This is the only real moment that fear takes over and you say to yourself “There is no way I am going into the aisle.” 

3. Fighter-Christina Aguliar 

However, your fear will soon pass and then you will be determined to get what you came for. This is the point in the night where you are the strongest and no one should mess with you. Shopping is a real sport when it comes to those Black Friday sales. Just remember it just makes you that much stronger and that much wiser.

4. 24K Magic-Bruno Mars

You feel like GOLD when you succeed at getting what you want. It feels as though there is “twenty-four karat magic in the air.” The party has finally begun. This is the point of the night where you are #Winning and there is nothing that can take this feeling away from you. That is until you see the next store that you are about to enter. 

5. Stayin’ Alive-Bee Gees

Some words of wisdom: Try to stay away from Wal-Mart and Target. Those two major chain stores are the worst when it comes to Black Friday. The store will be packed with people who are ruthless. Then once you get what you need, you’ll spend another hour in line waiting to check out. It is a guarantee that you will fear for your life at least once while in these stores. You’ll do whatever you have to just to make out alive. 

6. We Are The Champions-Queen

“WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIEND!” is what you will scream to your shopping partner once you make it out of Target without a scratch. You will both feel an unexplainable sense of accomplishment. You have some great new pieces of clothing to add to your wardrobe and you’re done with your Christmas shopping even though December hasn’t hit. 

7. Home-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Home is where everything is great and good. Coming home to peaceful silence, where you can rest after going through your own personal Hunger Games is one of the greatest feelings in the world. However, we all end up going through the same struggle next year because we NEED those deals, no matter what it takes.

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