7 Products You Need This Spring

Thank you to Her Campus for sending us an amazing Spring Survival Kit! We love these products and here's why:

A broken bra strap has the potential to make your day so much more difficult, especially if you don’t live close enough to campus to run home to quickly change. However, with Brappz you’ll never have to worry! These hook on straps can save your day from quickly going downhill.

Carrying your entire wallet around with you can be a hassle when you’re already carrying your books and laptop through campus the entire day. The Vera Bradley zip ID case is the perfect fit for the basics, like your photo ID, debit card, and cash. It’s especially useful for all you freshman who have to struggle to grab your Red ID out of your bag once you get to the front desk of your dorm. With this ID case, all you have to do is flash it to the front desk without stopping to dig through your bag. 

You never know when a UTI is about to strike, but you can always be prepared with AZO products, especially a handy packet of their cranberry gummies! You’ll no longer have to sit through an entire day on campus feeling uncomfortable, wanting to skip all of your classes and buy cranberry juice from the market. Taking just two of these gummies daily will help you maintain a healthy urinary tract.

It’s 11a.m. and you’ve just gotten out of your second class of the day. You have a lab at 1 and another lecture at 4. The only thing on your mind right now is a nice cup of coffee from BCB, but you don’t have any money on you. You ask your friend to spot you a few dollars and using the Circle Pay app, you can easily pay your friend back by transferring money using an email or phone number!

San Diego weather usually consists of a lot of sun, which translates into a lot of sweat. With these Milani liquid eyeliners, you can create a flawless cat-eye that won’t smudge all day due to it’s waterproof formula. The heat won’t matter at all when you’re rocking colors like emerald, turquoise, black, and purple.

Your typical shower routine is probably: wash your body, rinse, shampoo your hair, rinse, conditioner, rinse, done. Right? Wrong! With the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo, you begin by using the Pre-Wash Conditioner, which leaves your hair feeling soft, silky, and volumized. These products are perfect for when you spend the entire day on campus and are worried about your hair losing it’s volume as the hours go by. 

The number one thing most college students are worried about (other than graduating) is maintaining cleanliness within a huge campus. These hand sanitizers brought to us by CEA Study Abroad  can easily strap on to a backpack and you’ll be able to use it wherever, whenever. 

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