5 Tips to Keeping Your Fall GPA at its Prime

We’ve hit the one-month mark of fall semester, which means midterms, quizzes, and projects are starting to hit all at once. It’s easy to fall behind, especially when blinded by the excitement of the approaching holiday season. With that being said, here are 5 tips to keeping your mid-semester GPA at its prime.

1. Spend more time in the library. It’s always a party of the 4th floor of the library. I find that I’m more likely to get work done in the library rather than at home, where anything and everything can distract me (especially my roommates). The library is my sacred center of study and work. Seeing other students in there getting work done motivates me to step up my study game, too. 

2. Be ahead of the game. Don’t be blindsided by impending assignments the day before they’re due. Keep your syllabus handy at all times so you don’t lose track of due dates. This can also help you complete an assignment way prior to the due date, which eases off some pressure. 

3. Take study breaks. Spending too much time cooped up doing school work can be damaging to your mind. Take a break, walk outside, hang out with friends. This will keep you sane and remind you that there is a world outside of school even though it may not seem like it. Though school is important, try not to let it control every aspect of your life.

4. Try not to rely on caffeine. This one is extremely difficult for me because I have an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks. Sleep is hard to come by when you’re in college, so sometimes caffeine is one of the only solutions to keeping you awake and studying. But it is important to get a good nights sleep so that you’ll have enough energy for the next day.

5. Write things out by hand. Taking notes on a laptop is common these days, but I've realized that I'm more likely to rememeber important things when I write them out over and over again.