5 Simple Steps to Make a Gorgeous Flower Crown

Step 1

You will need floral tape, plant cutters or good scissors, Ashland Naturally Coiled Wire ($4.99) and flowers of course! I also recommend buying some filler bunches as well to add some contrast and dimension to your crown!

Photos by Kendell Kadesky

Step 2

Begin by measuring how big you need the wire to be by wrapping it around your head. Make sure to add an inch or two extra just in case you end up needing it as it is always better for the wire to be too long rather than too short. When you have the right length, twist the ends together to make a circle, then untwist it to obtain the rounded shape. Next, cut about 30-40 pieces of floral tape about 2-3 inches long.

Step 3

Now here is the fun part! Begin creating little bunches with the flowers and greenery (or whatever florals you chose) and wrap them with the floral tape. Don't make the bunches too large as this will make them bulky and harder to secure to the wire!


Step 4

Add the first bunch near one end of the wire by tightly attaching it with another piece of floral tape. Continue adding floral bunches by attaching them with the tape. Tip, it is much easier to attach them farther away from the previous bunch and then once the bunch is securely wrapped to the wire, slide it down so it is tightly touching the last bunch.


Step 5

You are almost finished creating a beautiful flower crown! Once all flowers are attached to the wire, twist the two ends of the wire together tightly so that the first bunch and the last bunch are tightly pressed together. Or if you have a hot glue gun and some ribbon and are feeling fancy, you can wrap each end of the wire with floral tape and then hot glue ribbon around each end. Then you can secure the crown to your head by tying the ribbon in a bow! The method make it easier to make sure the crown fits your head perfectly. Now just rock that flower crown and take some amazing photos looking like the bohemian queen you are!