5 Plant-Based Restaurants to Try in San Diego

A perk of living in San Diego? The large variety of plant-based, vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants to choose from. Below are 5 of my favorites that I constantly find myself eating at. 

1. Native Foods Cafe

This is a favorite amongst my friends and I. With a variety of options, it's still hard to stray away from their Native Nachos (with guac, of course). It's affordable fast food at its finest. 

2. Cinnaholic

Vegan cinnamon rolls can be hard to find, but Cinnaholic, as seen on the show Shark Tank, is here to help. Having just opened a location in Mission Valley, I made sure to try it out as soon as possible, and let me just say, I almost passed out from how delicious these are. They also have an abundance of flavors to choose from.

3. Veggie Grill 

Veggie Grill is another sit down, chain fast food joint. If you ever find yourself missing real chicken wings or chicken sandwiches, Veggie Grill offers a Buffalo Bomber sandwich that's meant to replicate a buffalo chicken sandwich, and it does not dissapoint. 

4. Moncai Vegan 

This place in simply amazing, and their pastry selections? To die for. If you ever find youself eating here, do yourself a favor, and buy a cinnamon roll. You will not be dissapointed. 

5. Veganic Thai Cafe

Thai food is a gift from above, and luckily Veganic Thai Cafe in Hillcrest has a full vegan menu that even includes fake meat options. It's hard to not eat here once a week.