2 Surprising Signs You Should Delete Snapchat (or any social media)

I deleted my Snapchat so long ago that I don’t even remember when exactly it occurred. I thought the social consequences would be severe, since staying virtually connected to everyone you know at any given time is custom in this digital age.

However, it’s been such a great decision. I ended up deleting my Instagram and Twitter shortly after. I kept my Facebook because most of my professional contacts are on there, but I don’t scroll aimlessly the way I used to on other social networking sites.

So why did I delete Snapchat to begin with? There had been these 2 surprising signs showing themselves to me for a long time, but I didn’t even acknowledge them as bad things for a while. One day, I caught myself doing both and thought, “I’m done with this app.” I deleted it and I’m really glad I did! I deleted my entire account, but you may choose to just delete the app off your phone for a few days, weeks or months. Only you know how healthy your relationship with social media is.

Here are 2 surprising signs that it might be time for you to give the app (or any social media site) a break.

1.) You're ignoring people

Is your significant other telling you something and you’re only half-listening because you opened Snapchat? Hello, that’s a sign you’re not in control! If you can’t pay attention to the people in your immediate vicinity because you’re too busy peeking into the life of people on your phone, you might need to take some time off. You should be present with those who are choosing to spend their time with you.

I found myself ignoring people who I was supposed to be spending time with because I was hooked on what was happening with other people. Since deleting my social media apps, not only do I pay better attention to my loved ones, but I’m also way more conscious about when they ignore me to check their phones and point it out to them.

2.) You tap quickly through people's stories 

Do you tap through people’s Snap stories super quickly just to get rid of the notification, not even paying attention to their selfies and videos? Then why are you even on Snapchat? This is a question I had to seriously ponder on. If I don’t care about what these people are eating for lunch or the concert they’re at, why am I even on this app?

I realized it was just habit. I didn’t care about what 95% of my Snapchat friends were up to, if I’m honest. I was just wasting time on Snapchat because I became so used to it. So I reclaimed my control and my time by deleting the app.

I don’t miss catching up on the shenanigans of that one kid I went to middle school with but can’t even remember his last name. I’m sure you won’t either.