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Why Volunteering is the Best

Between classes, career opportunities, extracurricular activities, and friends, it gets hard for college students to not get wrapped up in their busy lives. Every now and then it’s nice to step back from your own life and help out those around you. Even if it’s just for one hour a week, volunteering in your community is the perfect way to give back or just get your mind off the stresses of school.

Last quarter, I began volunteering at the Chandler Tripp, a preschool in San Jose for children with special needs, through SCCAP, the Santa Clara Community Action Program. SCCAP makes it easy for Santa Clara students to get involved on and off campus, as it offers a wide variety of programs that meet all interests and schedules.

After finishing up my hour at Chandler Tripp each week, I feel so much better than when I arrived. I can always count on having a great day when I volunteer. It truly is the best hour of my week.

Through this volunteer opportunity, I am able to spend time not only doing something I love, but also invest my time in something bigger than myself. Even one hour a week can create a positive impact on the community. Volunteering is humbling and rewarding. It has shaped my life, in that I am now a more compassionate and considerate person. I am so thankful for what I have, so it only seems right that I do what I can to help those not as fortunate as I am.

Check out more ways to get involved here!

Mara Strong is a freshman at Santa Clara University where she is studying English and Philosophy. She loves everything Hamilton and is proud to call herself a Ravenclaw.
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