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Which Disney Channel Original Movie are you Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Let’s face it; Disney Channel Original Movies (also known by true fans as DCOMs) are some of the best films of our lifetime. All you cherishers of youth have probably been losing sleep just wondering, which DCOM is the most “me”? Well look no further, find the answers to all of your deepest ponderings below: DCOMs based on your zodiac.


You are smart and determined, just like Zenon. You also have an amazing sense of fashion and always find a way to make yourself stand out because you are so unique.


You might be an underdog, but you always come out on top. Whatever your passion is, you stick it. This is one of your most admirable traits. You are also extremely loyal to those you care about.


You are very family-oriented and it shows (in a good way!). You are also always eager to learn new things and you really care to learn about other people just as you are eager to share about yourself. 


You are the tech savvy one of your friend group, but you also don’t let technology control your life. You know how important it is to have those times where your phone is turned off and you can just appreciate good company.


You are still growing up and learning about yourself. Don’t shy away from new opportunities. This might be the perfect way to discover a new hobby or talent. Welcome the unknown!


You might be known to get a little bit wound up from time to time but don’t let life get you down. When you sit down and look at the bigger picture, you realize what’s important and appreciate the small things.


You might not like change, but you certainly know how to adapt to it. You make the best out of every situation, which is one of your most admirable traits. You always know how to stay positive and keep those around you in a good mood.


It might not show on the surface but you are tough and fearless. This inner strength helps you be a strong support system for those you care about. You are a natural born leader, even if you want to pretend you’re not.


You have a natural tendency to gravitate towards the spotlight so don’t let anyone keep you away from it. If you can learn anything from the Cheetah Girls it’s to follow your dreams because you never know where they might take you!


You are a very strong person. You always want to help the people you care about, and you even look out for those whom you might not know so well. Because of your care for others, people look up to you.


You might seem girly and innocent on the inside, but deep down you are tough. You refuse to let people walk all over you but you also treat people with respect. You never let life get you down.


Sometimes life tears you in two separate directions, but the best thing you can do in these situations is to follow your heart. Your ability to keep a positive outlook during the most difficult times will help you get through them and inspire those around you.

So there you have it. Hope you learned a little bit more about yourself today.

Jordan is a sophomore at Santa Clara and a writer for Her Campus SCU. She is an English major and a Political Science minor. She loves her cat and two dogs very much. Go Broncos.
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