When It’s Not a Good Day to Be a Bronco

You’ve probably already heard about the recent acts of discrimination and hatred at Santa Clara University.

In the last weekend of September, the art exhibit honoring the 43 kidnapped Mexican students was disrespected and vandalized. CCTV footage has been released and investigated, although the students involved in the act couldn’t be identified. And on the morning of October 8th at Casa Italiana, some disturbing homophobic slurs were found on a bulletin board along with a swastika drawn in blood inside an elevator. It was later confirmed that these two acts were committed by the same students, who were later identified and caught by surveillance footage. The Santa Clara Police Department has taken over the investigation and the university has assured that the acts will not go unpunished.

Santa Clara University has always tried its best to make everyone feel at home and foster an environment of respect and kindness. However, acts like this show that we still have a long way to go. In an email addressing these acts, Father Engh encourages students to not “stand idly by and ignore what has happened, but to discuss openly why such attacks of hatred are reprehensible.”  Campus organizations including SCCAP and Unity 4 are working hard to protest these acts of discrimination and show that love overcomes hate. “These acts cannot be belittled, these acts cannot be ignored, these acts must be recognized for what they are: alarming and hate-filled acts indicative of ongoing systemic and individual oppression of people just because of who they are,” posted SCCAP in response to the homophobic incident.

There are various opportunities on campus to show support for the LGBTQ+ and other targeted minorities. On Wednesday October 19th, SCCAP is hosting the OUTober’s Got Talent show at 8PM in Locatelli, where you can share your talents regarding LGBTQ+ issues and support their community. On Tuesday October 18th, you can go to Bronco Forum: Dialogue with Administration to discuss the recent acts of hatred and possible solutions. The Bronco community is working hard to stand strong and move forward in spite of these despicable acts. We can each do our part to make sure Santa Clara is a better place for everyone, no matter what skin color, religion, or sexual orientation.