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What The Cast of Hocus Pocus Will Look Like in 2014

Have you ever wondered what the cast of Hocus Pocus would look like if the movie were produced in 2014? If so, you’re in luck! Below is a list of carefully selected actors and actresses who would make amazing replacements for the original cast.



Joey King – Thora Birch

Joey would bring both the soul and fiery hysterics that are necessary to play Dani.


Logan Lerman – Omri Katz

Because Logan seems like the kind of guy who would get his new sneakers stolen.


Gigi Hadid – Vinessa Shaw

Because c’mon – Gigi and Logan would be unbelievably cute together.


Meryl Streep – Bette Midler

Because… she’s Meryl Streep.



Melissa McCarthy– Kathy Najimy

Melissa is a serious comedic force and has proven she can bring any character to life.



Anna Faris – Sarah Jessica Parker

Anna is ridiculously convincing as a dumb blonde (have you seen House Bunny?), and she has the platinum hair color that Sarah Jessica had when she played Sarah.

Thackery Binx

Eddie Redmayne –  Sean Murray

Who doesn’t love a British accent? 


Sutton Foster – Stephanie Faracy

Because we know that as a former Broadway star, Sutton would rock a great Halloween costume for the party scene.


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