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The Top 5 Clean Beauty Brands for a College Budget

In recent years, the clean beauty movement has gained momentum as skincare and beauty companies have made strides to create non-toxic products. This includes greater transparency about the ingredients in said products in addition to information regarding how they are sourced. Whether we are shopping online or at a local pharmacy to shop for beauty products, we are often overwhelmed with deciding which product is the best for us. Clean beauty is not perfect. It is simply a step we can take to eliminate the number of toxins in our beauty regimen. Unfortunately, the brands that vow to make clean products often come with a hefty price tag; a price tag my college budget simply cannot afford. In my quest to find clean skincare for a fraction of the price, here are some brands that are accessible, affordable and effective.  



Founded in California, Cocokind is a sustainable, clean beauty brand. They use natural ingredients such as chia seed oil, matcha and tea tree oil to formulate effective products. What I love most about Cocokind is that their products can even be found at Target and Whole Foods. With the majority of the products ranging between $10 and $30, some of my favorites include the Chia Facial Oil and their Skin Butter with shea butter, coconut oil and lavender. Their new line of Beauty Bevs features a collection of powder mixes to add to your drink to achieve beauty from the inside-out. Cocokind gives back to the community by providing grants for female entrepreneurs in the health, wellness and sustainability industries. Learn more about their impact foundation here.

Chill Tips

At-home manicures require patience–and lots of it. In order to avoid the mess of painting your nails at home and to follow COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, Chill Tips offers non-toxic, reusable press on nail kits to keep your nails stylish during quarantine. Chill Tips come with 24 nails, a buffer and file, and non-toxic glue to apply your nails. Their fun prints and designs will make it look like you just got your nails done professionally. Is your nail style more groovy or zen?


Versed Skincare products are sustainable and never include parabens, sulfates or silicones that can irritate sensitive skin and cause breakouts. After purchasing from Versed, they include a step by step guide on how to properly recycle their bottles. These goods come in at under $30 which definitely makes this skincare brand accessible to those on a budget. I would recommend trying their Instant Resurfacing Mask that utilizes AHA and BHA to gently exfoliate the skin without causing irritation. Their Brightening Eye Gel is great for tackling dark circles, something that is undoubtedly getting worse with Zoom University.

Honey Pot

Honey Pot is a feminine hygiene company that has natural menstrual and pre and post partum products that cleanse, soothe and protect. Honey Pot products exclude synthetic cotton and artificial fragrance which can be irritating, yet are often found in typical drugstore products feminine care products. Their CEO and founder, Bea Dixon, knows having access to feminine care is a privilege, although it should be treated as a human right. That is why Honey Pot partners with #HappyPeriod to donate feminine care products to homeless, low-income and poverty-stricken women.

Star Face

Everyone knows the feeling of a pimple that won’t come to the surface. Against the advice you get from your dermatologist, all you can seem to do is poke and prod at the emerging red bump. Star Face has a line of pimple-fighting products like their Hydro-Stars Pimple Patches, a spot treatment to prevent picking and to shield upcoming pimples from bacteria. These patches come in cute packaging and you can use them to cover and heal your pimples overnight. Star Face patches are vegan, cruelty-free and offer monthly prescriptions.

Fiona Joffroy is a writer for the SCU chapter of Her Campus. She is currently a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Child Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. In her free time, Fiona loves to paint, cook, and spend time outdoors.
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