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SCU CRIBS: Sandlot

Hello Santa Clara! It is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you the next edition of SCU Cribs: SANDLOT! 

You might be asking yourself, “Isn’t that house called Convent?” Well, it used to be. The name changed when the new tenants took over this year (Connor Powell, Conor Boone, Devin Murphy, and Hank Boudreau). They changed it because before they lived there, they used to always peek over the fence from the other side, admiring the beautiful yard, just like the boys in the 1993 film The Sandlot did. And also just because they could. Here’s a picture of Sandlot’s tenants, dripping in swag.


I like to think the reason it used to be called Convent is because it is just so holy! 

Now that is a family room with character and fung shui if I’ve ever seen one. What makes the family room better, you may ask? The single painting they have of Dick, the Albino Bowler. It is titled “The Albino Bowler” on a gold frame to show its worth, and we know his name because it says so on his nametag. This painting is Sandlot’s pride and joy.

Now, let’s take this to the bedrooms. Sandlot consists of one single and one triple because it’s #unique. In the single, we’ve got Pi Kappa Alpha President Connor Powell. Powell studied abroad in Australia last year so naturally he made a wall dedicated to the time he spent living, loving, and laughing in a new culture. Check it.

Look at Powell lying in his natural habitat, showing off his leg muscle gains and poker face. He is a crafty feller and made the other wall golf themed. I heard he made a hole-in-one with his eyes closed once.

Now let’s take a look at the triple where these young men have learned to make the most of sharing a room with two other young men. As you can see, there is plenty of room for activities. You can’t see the third bed because there is just so much room for activities that the bed could not fit in the photo. Neat!

Time to go to the best part: the backyard. Many people were sad after Peach house’s pool was filled in. Luckily, Sandlot stepped up to the plate (ha ha) and purchased an above ground pool for the community of Santa Clara to love and cherish. Tell me this gator isn’t just having the most chill a** time.

But remember to follow the pool rules.

  1. No horseplay!
  2. Wait 30 minutes after eating before swimming
  3. Wash off feet before entering the pool
  4. No swearing!
  5. No diving!
  7. No empty containers left in pool
  8. F*ck rule 4
  9. No shirts in pool
  10. No sitting on edge of pool


Last but not least, Sandlot’s very own Hank Boudreau is a member of a local band called Free Beer. They like to perform in the dugout (the backhouse garage) for friends and family! Be sure to go to their next gig. I heard they are simply the cat’s pajamas.

There you have it, folks. Keely, OUT!

Keely is a junior at Santa Clara University, studying communication and creative writing.  She has a sense of humor, not to mention a talent for puns.  Keely is originally from sunny Arizona, but she absolutely loves her new home away from home at SCU.  Some of her passions include food, spending time with friends and family (including her 5 beautiful dogs), being active, and just having a good time. 
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