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Popping the Bubbl(y): Bars Outside of Santa Clara

Are you tired of going out on Bellomy Street?  Are you done with the bathrooms at Blinky’s Can’t Say Lounge? Here are a few bars in the area that are worth checking out (if you’re 21, of course).

Downtown San Jose


If just want to dance without the fear of being groped, try San Jose’s finest gay nightclub. Wear your party pants though, because there isn’t a slow moment here. Prepare to unveil some of your early teen dance moves, as you’re sure to hear some classic Britney and Christina.

Single Barrel

This is a great bar if you’re looking for a fun themed bar. Single Barrel is a speakeasy with classy drinks made to your own preferences—you won’t get watered down vodka cranberry here. Plus, rumor has it this place will be closing its doors and opening as an entirely different type of bar, so enjoy this theme while you can!

Santana Row

El Jardin Tequila Bar

You must try their strong yet delicious margaritas. On weekends, there is live music and encouraged dancing. Sometimes the band will let you join them. I (Keely O’Connor) even got to play the drums one fine evening.



Ok, so it’s really more of a restaurant, but it has a bar. Their swirls are a great drink to start the night. They aren’t lying when they advertise the swirls as “industrial strength”. There are a few other places to eat and drink on the main drive—and if you want to make a night of it—there is dive bar just a couple blocks from Aqui.

Mountain View

St. Stevens Green

You’re almost guaranteed to see a few real Irish men at this pub. It is plenty of fun, but don’t start a bar hopping night here — you will be disappointed with the rest of Mountain View’s offerings to the night crowd.

Los Gatos


This night club has a bit of an older crowd, but the music selection never fails to

disappoint. Plus you get served by some hotties in tiny outfits!

Los Gatos Bar and Grill

Right across from Charley’s is LGBG. Great for dinner before it turns into more of a nightclub.  The crowd is young, sometimes maybe too young. (Cough, cough, fake ID carrying high-school students). Go in early if you want to avoid the cover charge.

Palo Alto

Old Pro

Old Pro, you had me at “buffalo wings.” This sports bar is a great time, whether you’re sippin’ on a brewski, or going buck wild on the mechanical bull.


The New Orleans vibe to this 3-floor bar, reminscent of the French Quarter, is guaranteed to start your night off right. Be sure to order their signature Hurricanes. 

The Patio

If you are not satisfied with Santa Clara’s dating pool, this bar is a good chance to get out and meet some Stanford students. They have trivia nights, karaoke nights, and brunch — so many different kinds of fun!

San Francisco

The Tipsy Pig

This rustic chic bar and restaurant in the Marina District is the perfect place for a Friday night or a Sunday mimosa.  Its best quality is its cool ambiance, filled with lots of young people. Heads up — make a reservation for a table.  Double heads up — order the cocktail: “Strawberry Field.”  

Keely is a junior at Santa Clara University, studying communication and creative writing.  She has a sense of humor, not to mention a talent for puns.  Keely is originally from sunny Arizona, but she absolutely loves her new home away from home at SCU.  Some of her passions include food, spending time with friends and family (including her 5 beautiful dogs), being active, and just having a good time. 
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