Paige Mueller

Odds are, if you go to Santa Clara and have an Instagram, you have received a suggested follow: any one of Paige Mueller’s Instagram accounts. Maybe it was “paigeykinzz,” the account for Paige’s personal photos and adventures. You may have even been asked to follow “paigemuellerphotography,” where Paige displays all the awesome photos she is often seen taking around campus (Seniors: she does graduation photos and announcements!). Or perhaps it was, “paigemuellerpaints,” her newest business venture where she paints watercolor paintings and cards for college friendly prices. The point is, you probably know Paige. She’s kind of a big deal.

Though she started painting her sophomore year, Paige started selling her watercolors this year (her junior year) after studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark in the fall. Now, you can see some of her art hanging in dorm rooms all around campus (provided you ask/knock first).

You’ve probably seen Paige at school events (and even some off-campus ones as well) behind the lens of her camera. Photography has been a huge part of Paige’s life ever since she got her first camera from Santa (no one tell her) in high school. When asked why she believes that creating and art is so important, Paige said, “...because it gives expression when I sometimes don't have the words to express myself. I really don't think I'm that good at telling stories, as most of my friends know, and I think art (photography and painting) both can tell beautifully depicted stories through a creation. It sounds sappy, but I love creating art for others because I can see the joy it brings them when I can not only do something that gives them joy, but also brings me a lot of joy throughout the process.”

Paige has been taking graduation photos for a few years now (and has even shot a wedding) and it’s no surprise that her subjects come out looking their best: Paige takes her happy and inviting attitude into her shoots. “The best part about photography is the way I can make them feel when I am taking their photos,” she says,  “I like to make others feel empowered in my photoshoots and I ask them questions that I hope will bring a smile to their face in order to capture any candid smile or laugh I can.”

Since she is a junior, it was only right that I ask her the dreaded, “so what would you want to do with your life?” question that every upperclassman relishes and waits eagerly to answer. After some consideration Paige decided, “My (pipe) dream job is working for myself and creating a combined photography/painting business where I can sell prints, watercolors, and other artists' work while having a studio in my store.”

So support local artists! Otherwise she has to rely on her backup plan of becoming a professional skydiving instructor (how boring).