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Meet the (Un)forgettable Ladies of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.

It’s only week 3, but The Bachelor is already heating up to be one of the best seasons we have ever seen. I know, I know, Chris Harrison always promises that this season will be so much more dramatic and crazy than the last one, but I think he may actually be right this time.  From a very unfortunate case of twerking in week 2 to a surprise appearance by Jimmy Kimmel on week 3, this season is already off to an eventful start. 

Some of this season’s ladies are unforgettable, although you may wish you could forget some of them.  Meet the women who have already made season 19 one to remember.

Ashley S.

You definitely need to keep a look out for this girl this season, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I don’t know if it’s just how she holds herself, but has anyone told her she has crazy eyes? Also, who decided it was a good idea for her to hold a paintball gun?! Regardless, she’s one of this season’s most talked about women so keep an eye out for more odd behavior from her.



Britt is already one of this season’s front-runners. Besides getting the first impression rose and stealing the first kiss from our hunky farmer bachelor, she’s also been on two group dates and the two seem to have a lot of chemistry. Hopefully she sticks around long enough so that we can get to know her a little more, but week 4 may tell a different story…



There are two things every Bachelor viewer knows about Jillian: she has huge arms, and she wears really tiny shorts.  While I’m not exactly team Jillian, I do have to admit that she is one tough chick and is pretty likeable.  Will our dreamy farmer from Iowa fall for this tough city girl? Only time will tell.



Even though Jordan was eliminated week 2, she is one to remember, from her sloppy attempt at twerking in the mansion, to the countless glasses that were in her hand on the night of the rose ceremony.  All I have to say about Jordan is, if you wanted to be taken seriously on the Bachelor, have a little more class.



While my first impression of Kaitlyn wasn’t exactly great, I have to admit that she grew on me during week 3. Sent on a one-on-one date to Costco by Jimmy Kimmel, Kaitlyn’s sense of humor and quirky nature made her a favorite in my book. I also love the fact that she pointed out that Chris has a girl laugh (because, let’s be honest, we were all thinking it). 



Kelsey is another one of my favorites this season.  This down-to-earth guidance counselor is one of the few women who haven’t excessively thrown herself at the farmer just yet. But that is the name of the game, so she had better make a move soon or she may be going home (which I really do not want to see).



Kimberly will always be remembered as the girl who got kicked off, then begged Chris to take her back, and then got kicked off again. I think it’s a genuine lesson for all women about a guy saying no. Ladies, if he says no once, he’ll probably say it again the next week. Please just move on and save yourself the humiliation.



I have mixed feelings about Megan.  She scored the first one-on-one date of the season and got to cuddle up with our handsome farmer in the Grand Canyon; she even opened up to him about the recent death of her father. That being said, she did break into his house and was banging her head against the wall while wearing his motorcycle helmet. Yeah, not the best move…



Also known as week 1’s sloppiest drunk, Tara definitely left an impression. Was showing up in daisy dukes and cowboy boots really necessary? I understand you’re a “sport fishing enthusiast,” but could you please just put on a nice cocktail dress like everybody else and save us the groans?  Eliminated week 2, Tara will not be missed nor forgotten.



Jade was certainly just another girl in the crowd until her bold move in week 3. After asking Chris for a private tour of his house during the pool party, the two end up “testing out the bed” while unbeknownst to them, Jillian was waiting for Chris outside in his hot tub. Awkward. This trick got her a rose though, so let’s see what week 4 has in store for this daring diva.

Tune in to ABC on Monday nights at 8/7c to see all the drama unfold on this season of The Bachelor!


Picture source: abc.go.com

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