Meet the Band - Free Beer

Five lively senior boys have formed an exciting new band oncampus. Their claim to fame? Playing strictly bangers. From Journey to Smash Mouth, the boys will take you on an epic voyage through the decades, covering a wide variety of styles and genre. 

Now let’s meet the band:

Keys: Henry Targett

Base: Yianni Petrucci

Drums: Riley Wulf

Guitar: Hank Boudreau

Vocals/Guitar: Josh Thorson


We also asked the band about their musical idols. Here’s what we got:

Yianni: Chilli Peppers

Hank: Jimmy Page, but mainly Gucci Mane

Riley: Riff Raff

Henry: Jim Morrison

Josh: Blink 182 (He stands alone on this one.)


The band formed about two months ago, at the dawn of the school year. The band name serves as free publicity, and a way to attract new fans.

“We thought it would be funny to name the band Free Beer because when we play at the bars, people might think there is actually free beer, so they’ll come. Basically the name is a ploy to trick people into coming to our shows,” commented Josh, the mastermind behind this stunt.

The Sandlot backhouse has been turned into the band’s practice den. In the words of Sandlot resident Connor Powell, “they make a lot of noise.” But hey, it’s provocative and it gets the people going.

The band debuted during Halloweekend in the backyard of Sandlot. Pre-show ritual? “Alcohol,” remarked the boys. At any rate, they gave partygoers what they wanted, taking requests and jamming their faces off.

Some of the band’s favorite songs to play include All Star and Superstition. While they don’t play their own music, they are happy to fulfill the needs of their fans. “I’ve written a song,” said Hank. Josh jumped onto the one-hit-wonder saga, adding that he too had written a song in his life. “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” commented Riley.

The band’s advice for first years or anyone interested in starting their own bands: “Don’t do it.”