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Life Hacks: Benson Edition

Love it or hate it, every Santa Clara student must go through the rite of passage that is fine Benson dining. Whether you’re a straight Sauté salad bar kind of girl or a Tailgaters regular, there are tons of helpful tips to make your Benson experience slightly above average… I mean, spectacular.

1) Tailgaters Chicken Breast

I’m sure you’ve all experienced the terrible feeling on weekend nights when everything is closed except for the Bronco. Basically, you’re left in a teenage boy’s heaven: fried food and pizza galore. Some of you may be thinking, what’s the problem? Well, others of us are striving for that Spring Quarter Day Party Beach Bod, and the 1000s of calories of Bronco Burgers and Curly Fries don’t quite cut it. If you’re looking for a healthier option late at night, go for the Chicken Breast a la carte. You can even add some tomato and onions and make it a meal, or opt for the side salad to get your full veggie fix.

2) Mission Bakery Fro-Yo

If you’re anything like me, there’s a special place in your heart (and stomach) for soft and creamy frozen yogurt. After visiting the SCU campus, I was disappointed to find that the only nearby option for frozen yogurt was Frozo’s. While it can definitely hit the spot, sometimes the off campus trek isn’t worth it to me. I rarely see people eating Mission Bakery Fro-Yo, so my assumption is that it’s one of our school’s best kept secrets. Let me just tell you, that swirl yogurt is DELICIOUS. Top it with Oreo’s, Heath Bar, or peanuts and you’ve got yourself the best not-so low calorie snack around.

3) Sauté Salmon

Café Bon Appetit just recently put the Wild Salmon Filet back on the menu at Sauté. This 4 oz. cut of tasty fish pairs perfectly with any Build-Your-Own Pasta or Stir-Fry. For a healthier option, pick out your favorite veggies from the salad bar and ask for them grilled with a side of salmon. Add some brown rice and cover all portions of the food pyramid, just like your mom makes!

4) California Deli Grilled Cheese

If you have a true grasp on life’s pleasures, you know that grilled cheese is a staple in any happy person’s diet. Personally, the bland grilled cheese sandwiches at Tailgaters don’t exactly cut it for me. What few Benson regulars have discovered is the ability to customize your own grilled cheese at the Build-Your-Own sandwich line. You can start by picking any type of bread you want (I always opt for the sourdough) and if you’re feeling adventurous, maybe add some salami or ham. Next, you can go wild with the cheese options. There’s cheddar for the basics (like me) and provolone or Swiss for the more courageous types. Finally, you can add some tomato, onions, guacamole, or any other veggies of your choosing. Ask the server to warm your sandwich and you’ll have your very own customized grilled cheese!


Tatum is a new member to Her Campus Santa Clara, and is excited for the opportunity to write articles for her peers! She is a freshman bioengineering major, but has been interested in journalism since high school. Tatum is an active member in her sorority and a long-distance runner. She hopes to complete her third marathon within the next year!
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