Lessons Girls Have Learned from Their First Jobs

First jobs – some people love them; some people hate them. Regardless of your experience, you probably learned something worthwhile. I surveyed girls and asked them for one lesson they learned while working their first job and here’s what they said!

“Culture matters just as much as the work you’re doing. If you don’t like your boss or the people you’re working with, you’ll hate coming into the office.”

“You need to have fun and be patient with children”

“Don’t be an ‘over sharer’. Keep quiet until you ‘know how we do things around here’”

“It is important to always have patience and a good attitude”

“Be nice to everyone, no matter what”

“Patience is a virtue that I do not posses. Some of the smallest and youngest humans have more strength, heart, and perseverance than the big humans.”

“How to talk to kids so they will listen”

“Check your printer settings before making a million copies”

“The customer is always right and provide service with a smile…even when the customer is being inconsiderate. I just had to learn how to keep my cool and not get upset when customers would take their frustrations out on me about situations I couldn’t control.”

“Time management is key, especially when being in school.”

"It can be a lot of work at times, but in the end it is worth it”

There’s always something valuable to learn from a first job and who knows what doors they can open for you in the future!