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Justin Kennedy ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.


Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

School Year:  Sophomore

Major:  Political Science

Residence Hall/Living:  McLaughlin

Interests: Business and Politics

Describe yourself in 3 words:  Ambitious.  Trustworthy.  Candid

Zodiac Sign:  Sagittarius


SCU Life

What activities or clubs are you in?  SCU Rugby, ASG, and I’m a Muscle Milk Brand Representative

What is your favorite place on campus?  The Cellar with Celia

Favorite Subject?  History

What is your most embarrassing SCU moment?  During the first week my Spanish teacher asked me to spell her name in Spanish.  The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t spell in Spanish, but that I didn’t know her name.  I just replied “No hablo.”

What’s one thing you want to do before you graduate?  Get pool chairs for Malley

Favorite food in Benson: Popcorn chicken bowl 


Fun Facts

Favorite restaurant near campus?  Ike’s

What would you say your spirit animal is?  Wolverine

If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be? Blender

What is your bedtime? Always past 12

Dream Job?  Something in which I can make a difference.

Celebrity Crush:  Anne Hathaway

Pet Peeves:  When people say, “Oh……you live in…. McLaughlin?”


Love Life

Relationship status: Single

Ideal first date:  Mini Golf and Dinner

Deal Breakers:  Lack of depth in a conversation

First thing you notice in a girl:  Smile 


 Hot or Not: Girls

Who love Taco Bell?  Hot

 With tattoos?  Hot

 Who own more than 3 cats?  Not

 With nose piercings?  Hot

 Who go to the library?  Hot

 Who make the first move?  Hot