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Jeff Kampfe

Meet Jeff!

To give you the basics- he is a sophomore from Bozeman, Montana (don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it because me neither), he is “19 years young” (direct quote, says a lot about him, I think), he is an ambitious double major of economics and philosophy, he is a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, and lastly, his spirit animal is a magellanic penguin (see picture below).

Currently, Jeff resides in Swig. Yup, he is one of those lucky sophomores that gets to live in Swig not one, but TWO years. I guess he loved it so much he just couldn’t bare to leave. One of the benefits is that he gets to be oh-so-close to Benson when his favorite special, BBQ ribs and mac n cheese, is being served at the Bistro, so it’s not all bad.

When Jeff isn’t in Swig sleeping, hanging out, or watching his favorite TV show The Office he likes to spend time in his favorite place on campus, the library basement. More specifically, in the book stacks. To quote him, “It smells like knowledge.” I guess you can’t really find a better place to study.

But partying in the freshman dorm he calls home and studying in his favorite place are not the only things Jeff loves to do: he loves the outdoors and getting active! His favorite hobbies include skiing, fly fishing, soccer, and sailing. He is also a big fan of something I am not entirely sure how to describe to you: jazz folk polka dancing (sadly, I got no demos).

Jeff is one of those guys that you see everywhere. He is invited to all the events and you can see him all over campus because he is just so involved that he knows everyone. Jeff is on the Santa Clara sailing team. This past summer he was an Orientation Leader and that’s why he is probably a familiar face to all you freshmen out there. This year, he is in charge of Shadow SCU, an awesome program some of you might have used when deciding whether or not to attend SCU. He can also be found volunteering with SCAAP in the Best Buddies program.

To conclude this spotlight I’d like to share Jeff’s favorite quote with you:

“Don’t be jealous that I have been online chatting with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I’m training to become a cage fighter” –Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

Jeff Kampfe, everyone.

Jordan is a sophomore at Santa Clara and a writer for Her Campus SCU. She is an English major and a Political Science minor. She loves her cat and two dogs very much. Go Broncos.
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