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Jared Hegardt ’16

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.

Name: Jared Patrick Hegardt

Hometown: Beautiful San Diego, CA.

Major: Finance

Relationship status: Single

Siblings: Two younger sisters, one younger brother.

Describe your family in one word: Resilient

Fun Fact: My mom was in the first class of DGs at SCU, so yes, they are my favorite house.

What is the best nickname you’ve ever been given? Dj J Heg

Favorite Rom-Com: Crazy Stupid Love, watched it last week.

Have you ever cried in a movie? Bridge to Terabithia. I was young; the death was sudden.

Role Model: The father, aka my dad. Taught me a lot of lessons, or rather tried to teach me lessons, but I still make mistakes, sorry dad.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? That’s the question I’m trying to figure out now in my life…. No idea. Having a successful job in San Diego, with a yacht, and my Sperry topsiders. Or maybe my own chain of subways in San Diego. I also wanna be in a frat.

Your greatest strength: Finding humor in everything.

Weakness: I don’t take things seriously.

Something we wouldn’t know about you? I’m actually quite sensitive and have taken an interest in the arts. I want to learn to play the piano, to serenade a woman with a sweet ballad.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Top 3: Will Ferrel, Aziz Ansari, Lionel Messi

Ideal Date: Dinner on a yacht… And for the meal, easy—surf & turf. The lobster must be fresh and the filet minion, medium rare.

How are you involved at SCU? Men’s Soccer Team, Bone Marrow donation Club

Where do you live? B2

Favorite memory of Bellomy: Definitely the Bellomy Block Party…The entire apartment complex joined for one last par-tay, and it was great to see everyone come together.

Beer or shots? Depends on the mood

Favorite beer: Ballast Point Sculpin

Guilty pleasure: I love watching cooking shows…Chef’s table, I’m obsessed. I also love old music. Creedence Clearwater Revival, Billy Joel, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon…oldies relax me. Especially because back then, the music was created by the people singing it… nowadays it’s just not the same.

What items would you grab if you had to evacuate your apartment? Golf clubs (new hobby), my iPhone, wallet, sunglasses, water…were those really boring answers?

Pet peeves: When people talk with food in their mouth.

Favorite travel experience: I went to China for a Christian service trip with my 8th grade class. We went to Hong Kong and Mainland China, some very rural villages as well as big cities.

Where would you go next? Barcelona, my family is there now and has been 3-4 times, and I’ve never been…and its also home to one of my favorite soccer teams.

Favorite quality in a female: Humor. If you can make me laugh, you win.

Message to the women of Santa Clara: Hello… I’m Jared Hegardt. I live to laugh, I live to love, I live to live… Join me?


Life enthusiast, with an undying thirst for passion and anything delicious. Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications at Santa Clara University. Born and raised in the beautiful beach town of Encinitas, located in San Diego, California.
Victoria is a senior at Santa Clara University and is a History and Spanish double major with double minors in Political Science and Anthropology. A native Los Angelino, she's a huge Kings & Dodgers fan & will defend her favorite teams fiercely. Lover of Netflix, popcorn, & mint moose tracks ice cream. You can basically count on finding her snacking, binge-watching Game of Thrones, or in the library (sometimes all three at the same time).