Jamie Monk '16

What does Civil Engineering and the Food and Agri Business Institute have in common? Kicka$s Senior Jamie Monk.

Jamie has spent her last four years keeping busy as a civil engineer. In fact, she just finished up her Senior Design Project (#blessed). “It’s an amazing feeling finishing up this project that you hear all about from freshman year to senior year,” she said.

One thing she has really come to embrace at SCU is that knowledge is power. “Being an engineer gives you the knowledge and power to do something. The more you know, the more knowledge you have and the more power you have, the more you can impact change,” she said. And Jamie has truly embodied this motto in more than just her academics.

Jamie’s entire sophomore year was spent working as a research assistant for the Food and Agri Business Institute on a project about the lack of certain food availability in different parts of San Jose. She continued to work with the organization through research and execution of different events on and around campus. Jamie has also been involved with Strive for College, an organization that pairs disadvantaged high school juniors and seniors with college students to help gain information about applying for college.

As if being an engineer and changing lives weren’t enough, Jamie also acted as the Executive Vice President for her sorority Alpha Delta Pi. She said she was able to highlight all of her strengths and channel them into something she believes in. “One of my favorite things was being able to help sisters and officers find their strengths and gain leadership potential, which is important in college and life in general,” she added.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Jamie loves to keep busy, especially outdoors. “We live in such a cool area, there’s always something new to do, whether it’s new hikes or trying a new restaurant or experiencing some sort of culture festival,” she said. She loves to hike and ski. Whenever she is home, she brings the dogs everywhere and is “all about that dog time,” (aren’t we all?).

Jamie said her spirit animal would have to be her roommate Lexie Dewyea or Michael Scott from The Office, #goals. Her favorite memory from SCU has to be welcome week because that’s where she met some of her best friends (shout-out to Lexie Burkus). “Even as a senior, I like seeing all the freshman starting to experience the journey I had,” she added. Jamie also said she loves midnight breakfast. “Midnight breakfast is the sh*t, even when I don’t have finals, I always go!”

In 5 years, we can see Jamie living in a city in her own apartment, happy with her job and her relationships. “Of course I will also be planning my epic golden birthday of 27,” she added. She wants to be remembered as someone that empowers and inspires others to believe that they can do anything, and as someone that is just jazzed on life, kicks a$$, and takes names.

Well, Jamie Monk, you are certainly not boring, and you have most definitely inspired and empowered those around, especially the timid freshmen. You keep doin’ you, chica!