International Fashion Trends You Should Know About

Western fashion generally comes from the staple Western cities: Paris, Milan, New York, and London. But inspiration comes from dozens of different people, cultures and places. Though American fashion has its perks, there’s a whole world of fashion out there waiting to inspire your wardrobe! Here are a couple of trends that you should definitely look into:

1. Japan

Japanese street style is famous for its innovation and out-of-the-box look. Subculture trends like the Harajuku girls or Kawaii Boys dominate the haute couture and retain a genderless representation of pop culture. Other trends are more edgy and gain inspiration from the country’s rich history.

2. Pakistan

Pakistani clothing is known for its intricate embroidery and bright colors. Incorporating both Western and Eastern styles, designers wow consumers with constantly-changing styles—from tulip Capri pants to cropped shirts, there’s nothing Pakistani designers won’t experiment with.

The instagram account @pakistanstreetstyle gives a great glimpse into such fashion!

3. Chile

Valentina Rios (@lefreakeschic on instagram), renowned fashion blogger, is the one who really got me looking into Chilean fashion. She’s inspired by retro looks and mixes them with traditional elements to create an extremely unique look.

 In addition to her, the entire Santiago neighborhood is bustling with style trends.

4. Iran

Iran has a number of surprising and appealing fashion trends. From taping your nose to make it appear as you just underwent rhinoplasty to wearing a manteau (a long-ish overcoat that takes a number of different forms), the streets of Iranian cities are bustling with couture.

Check out instagrams like @thetehrantimes or Joojoo Azad to see what’s new in popular culture.

5. Venezuela

Venezuela is known for its beautiful people—they’ve won the Miss Universe competition six times—and it just makes sense that the fashion scene is booming. Gaining inspiration from their own culture as well as traditional American styles, the fashion is a sight to behold. Fashion bloggers like Daniela Ramirez showcase this on their Instagrams and blogs.

6. South Africa

South Africa is a hub of different races and ethnicities, so it just makes sense that at such an intersection, fashion is booming. From head wraps to fantastic braids, South African beauty bloggers are taking style to the next level.

7. Indonesia

Bright prints, flowy garments, and edgy makeup all find their place in Indonesian fashion. It just makes sense that Indonesia fashion week is the sign of an up-and-coming international boom of Indonesian fashion.

And there you have it, a great collection of some beautiful trends from around the globe!