How to Stay Awake, Caffeine Free

Have you ever wanted to stay awake without using caffeine? Well, look no further! Here are several different ways that you can keep yourself alert and get everything you need to done:

1. Working in your dorm:

Turn on the lights.

Studies say that bright lights signal the brain to awaken. Plus, you’ll be less tempted to doze off when it’s not dark.

Turn the thermostat down.

Warm environments make us want to take naps, whereas the cold tends to make us more alert.

2. Studying in the library:

Drink LOTS of water.

This allows your body to function smoothly.

Listen to music.

Music with a strong bassline has been proven to increase our heart rates, allowing us to keep up our energy. Since I can’t study to music with lyrics, I have found that energetic classical music actually work pretty well. Movie scores are great for this too.

3. When you’re struggling to stay awake in that one class:

Take notes.

Find a way to take notes that is engaging to you, like using pretty highlighters or a fun color. 

Chew gum.

Chewing gum, especially peppermint gum which has been known to improve concentration and brain function, can help give you that little extra bit of focus you need to make it through that 8am.

Try these out and see which work for you!