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How to Feel More at Home on Campus

I don’t know about you, but winter quarter gives me the blues. Maybe it’s the gloomy skies or the fact that I’ve just returned from a month at home but I always feel the most homesick during the second quarter of school. Here are some ways I’ve made school feel more like home in order to cope.

Spend time with friends

I love my alone time as much as the next person but I’ve noticed that during winter I tend to feel lonely. Watching movies, laughing or even studying with friends always makes me feel more at home.

Decorate your room

Go crazy with pictures and pillows. Make your bed and room as cozy as possible for those nights when you would rather be at home than at school miles away.

Stock up on snacks

There’s a reason they call it comfort food. Indulge in some snacks that remind you of your childhood. They’re delicious and they’ll be sure to bring back some fond memories.

Go explore

I don’t know about you but I definitely feel more at home when I know the area around me. Grab your friends and try different restaurants or coffee shops. Having a sense of familiarity is always nice.

There are plenty of ways to make college feel like your second home so don’t let winter quarter and homesickness get you down!

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