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I’ve always loved creative writing to share my thoughts and experiences with the world, but I often struggle with the process because I often don’t know where to start. Thus, I have compiled a list of tips for anyone who wants to become a writer and needs a little help getting started.

If you are writing as a hobby, I would suggest doing a brain dump and writing down everything that is on your mind. If there is something that is really bothering you, you can write down all of your thoughts and feelings about that particular topic. This is extremely therapeutic and can help you feel so much better.

[bf_image id="q8mpfq848bnghbmh76srmjr"] If you are writing for a particular magazine or newspaper, I would recommend browsing through their website to explore articles written by others in different niches. Not only will this give you inspiration on potential topics, but this can also help you ascertain if you gravitate towards certain genres such as lifestyle, beauty, money, etc. Some useful websites include Thought Catalog and Medium.

Next, you should make a list of the topics and ideas that interest you. Add to this list whenever you think of new topics, and use this as a reference point when you are struggling with what to write about. Here are some possible topics that you can write about:


Fulfill your dream of becoming a YouTuber by sharing essential beauty products, lookbooks, recipes or anything else you feel confident in sharing. 


We could always use more light and humor in this dark world. Write a review on music artists we’ve been sleeping on or movies or TV shows we should be watching.

Personal Experiences

If you have an experience that you feel comfortable talking about, please share it with us. Others could be going through something similar, and it’s always comforting to know that we are not alone.

Sexual Health

Sex is a common activity among teens, but is stigmatized and hence, not always talked about. If there is an experience you feel comfortable sharing or any tips you have learned, please write about it. We need to do our part in making society feel comfortable talking about sex instead of making it taboo.

How To

Have ideas on activities or gifts for holidays? Share those with us! We often have trouble with what to do or what to give our loved ones for the holidays.


Share your opinion on what is currently happening in the world, and educate others on current events and issues.

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Priya Jain is a freshman majoring in Web Design and Engineering at Santa Clara University. She is a social media member and article writer for their chapter of HerCampus. Priya is interested in women's empowerment and self-development. Her hobbies include photography, writing, social networking, and striving to find structure in her lifestyle.
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