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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCU chapter.

Social media influencers are involved in a type of social media marketing that includes  product placement and professional endorsements. Companies have been using influencers to foster a sense of community by having a group share the same values as the company and organically increase their brand awareness. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to increase your social media presence and become an influencer in any niche market. 

Choosing Your Niche Market or Industry

Selecting your niche market will set the tone for your social media page, including what content you post and what brands you partner with. Your niche industry should be a combination of your passions. For example, the fashion, beauty, and thrifting industries can create a unique lifestyle niche market. Another way to choose your marketing niche is by your career path. For example, if you want to pursue a career in law, your niche might consist of posting LSAT prep materials and law scholarships or opportunities.

Selecting Your Social Media Platforms

After you have selected your niche community, you will need to choose one to two social media platforms to start consistently posting and engaging with your followers. Once you build an active following, you can expand into other social media platforms. It is also important to include a profile picture, a bio that introduces you and your interests, your contact information (preferably a business email address), and an optional location such as San Francisco.

Switch to a Business Account

Switching your personal social media to a business account will give you access to valuable information about your followers. With a business account, you will be able to receive information/data about your content, such as how many followers you are gaining and how many accounts your profile and content have reached.

Understand Your Audience

As you start using the information collected from your business account, you will start to gain a better understanding of your audience. This essential information includes what content to post, the optimal time to post, and the demographic information of your audience. The more information you have, the more you can tailor your content to fit your audience. 

Apply to Ambassador Programs

Once you start establishing your social media presence, applying to ambassador programs is the next step! Ambassador programs are collaborative marketing campaigns between companies and influencers. These partnerships typically have a specific goal in mind, such as increasing brand awareness or improving sales of specific products. Some examples of ambassador programs include Zfluence, which has mobilized Gen Z to work directly with brands including Benefit Cosmetics, Olaplex, Bioclarity, and more! Another ambassador program that is popular among the college demographic is Riddle & Bloom. The advertising agency partners with companies such as Amazon Prime Student, Xfinity, HBO, and Microsoft. 

While it takes time to establish your niche community, gain your following and secure partnerships, being an influencer can be empowering as you lead authentic communication between yourself and the brand! 

Alexis Takagi is the Marketing Director for the SCU chapter of Her Campus. Alexis is a 3rd-year student majoring in Communication. She is passionate about supporting women in business and business law. When Alexis is not working, she is taking photos, cooking, or volunteering!
Meghana Reddy is the Campus Correspondent for the SCU chapter of Her Campus. Currently, she is a 4th year student pursuing a Major in Neuroscience and Minor in Computer Science. Meghana is passionate about women in entrepreneurship, consulting, healthcare, women's health, and dogs! In her free time, she loves to travel, try new foods, and practice yoga!