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Georgia Thomas ’18

Hometown: Portland, OR

Housing: Dunne

Major: Theater

Favorite pregame song: Ms. New Booty

Favorite clothing store: NastyGal


Three adjectives to describe yourself: Energetic, clumsy, kind

Craziest SCU memory: My entire freshman year living in Swig 420

Celebrity crush: Josh Hutcherson

Dream job: Celebrity makeup artist

Fun fact: I can do above average Moaning Myrtle (Harry Potter), Merida (Brave), and Perry the Platypus (Phineas and Ferb) impressions.

Spirit animal and why: A whale because they are large, in charge, and they get their family members on another level.

Pet peeve: People on the phone in the library. You could actually be doing this ANYWHERE else but right here.

Bucket list: Learn to fly a P-38 Lightning

Relationship status: Single (wink nudge wink wink nudge)

First thing I notice about a guy: Looks (eyes especially), personality, if he can make me laugh.

Ideal first date: A romantic elevator ride through Swig ending with fine Benson dining.


Worst pickup line you ever got? Worst pick up line was one of those Facebook “whatsup??? lol wrong chat sorry!! But what’s up?” messages



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