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Fashion Blogger: Samir Khanna


You may have seen Samir Khanna around campus snapping photos on his Canon.   This sophomore from Palm Springs, California, has taken the style of SCU students and shared it with the digital world.  Samir started a fashion blog specific to the SCU campus, as well as had his photos chosen to be displayed on other sites.

Samir describes his personal style as “prep through and through.”  His style is preppy with his own personal twists.  He loves the style at Santa Clara, especially the “preppiness,” and how girls aren’t afraid to wear cute and fun dresses.  Samir is inspired by Bill Cunningham, a fashion photographer, and Scott Schuman, otherwise known as The Sartorialist.  As Samir says, The Sartorialist “took what Bill Cunningham was already doing, and put it online.”

Samir has further elaborated on Scott Schuman’s work with his fashion blog SCU Sartorial.  SCU Sartorial features men and women around campus whose style stands out.  Samir will shoot people around campus, whether he knows them or not, in order to capture their unique style and look.  He explains, “There are individuals who will go out and do something different and I wanted to showcase those individuals.”

Samir’s shots encompass both individuals’ personalities and our beautiful campus.  His favorite place to shoot is the St. Ignatius Lawn behind Kenna, but he has been switching over to the Benson Fountain to get a little more variety.

Campus Sartorialist also frequently showcases Samir’s work.  Campus Sartorialist is a college fashion blog based off of The Sartorialist with photos submitted by college students from campuses all over the world.

“Every two weeks [Campus Sartorialist] posts ten photos onto the Huffington Post,” Samir explained.  Recently, he was lucky enough to have one of his photos chosen.  Samir was very excited about this opportunity and recognition (as he should be!).

Aside from his photography, Samir is a psychology major and plans to attend medical school. He enjoys golf, biking, and Frisbee, and is also a photographer for Her Campus Santa Clara!

Keep an eye out for Samir around campus and who knows, maybe one day you’ll make it onto one of his blogs!

Abby is a sophomore at Santa Clara University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Her roots in Denver, Colorado have led her to love hiking, running, and other outdoor activities. Abby is also passionate about reading, science, and certain comedy T.V. shows, including Parks and Recreation and Modern Family. She is actively involved in the SCU Solar Decathlon team, Young LIfe, and intramural sports. 
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