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It’s that time of year again. All the little freshies are schmoozing and boozing the upperclassmen. All of your guy friends are wearing ridiculous costumes (and I do mean ridiculous–like teletubbies and stripper cops). They follow ridiculous orders from upperclassmen and no matter how many times you ask what they were required to do, they never tell you the full truth. And that’s how you know it’s rush season – this time for frats.

As you can imagine, rush is very different between sororities and fraternities, and there are several reasons why this is the case. While both involve a decent amount of girl flirting and guy flirting, srat rush is a lot more formal than frat rush and consists of Dry Week. Dry Week starts the week before Formal Recruitment does and applies to all potential girls going through Recruitment and for active members of sororities. Sometimes it can have a negative perception because girls are not supposed to go out and party or hang out with boys. However, it is supposed to be a positive experience because Dry Week is mainly to help girls focus on bonding even more with their current sisters and for the girls looking to join a sorority to stay fresh and focused for the long days ahead.

While all of the sororities are dry, only one of the fraternities remains dry throughout their rush for similar reasons to the sororities. Rush for frats is also a lot less formal than for srats. Instead of having formal dinner parties at the houses like srats, some of the frats tend to leave campus at least one of the days for fun activities.

So get ready to witness some interesting and funny costumes and events in Benson!

Tara Karanik is a sophomore student at Santa Clara University. In between late night studying for her Chemistry and History double major, her hobbies include binge watching puppy videos and Netflix. She is addicted to coffee and will most likely say she needs more coffee throughout the day. She has truly found a home at Santa Clara and looks forward to many more adventures as a Bronco.