Diana Kirkorian

I would bet my SCU tuition that you’ve never met anyone like Diana Kirkorian.  She’s the life of the party—and I’m not just talking about the one time she sprayed champagne off the roof of Paradise at a party last year.  As a senior Communication major hailing from Fresno, CA, interacting with people from different social groups comes easily to her. Unfortunately, Diana’s busy academic and extracurricular schedule doesn’t leave much time for socializing—or popping champagne off of people’s roofs.

Diana is on the Ruff Riders leadership team, which means she’s behind some of the fun events and tailgates that bring the school together and she works towards boosting student attendance at sports games.  Diana herself is guaranteed to be at every game: she’s also the drum player for the SCU Pep Band.

When she’s not handing out free pizza or wing tickets from Wicked Chicken to support Santa Clara University sports, Diana can be found giving out free snacks during finals week for Spoon University.  As the new member director and a member of the marketing team for Spoon, she helps plan events to raise food awareness among college students.  Occasionally, Diana also works with the Food Recovery Network, delivering leftover food from Benson to Martha’s Kitchen, a soup kitchen located in San Jose.

As if she has any room left on her plate, Diana is also the social media marketer for the SCU Italian Club, and a DJ for KSCU 103.3 FM, Santa Clara’s student run radio station (tune in to Dirty D from 2-3 pm on Tuesdays).  Other “casual” hobbies of hers include skydiving and scuba diving.  In her free time, Diana enjoys gambling and playing tennis.

Clearly, Diana spends a lot of time on campus, supporting Santa Clara University organizations and events.  When asked what she’s going to miss the most about SCU after graduation, Diana answers that it’ll be the extracurriculars she’s become so involved in, but also admits she will miss being able to walk down Bellomy Street, whether it’s to say hi to friends, or join a pick-up drinking game along the way.

In 10 years, Diana sees herself on stage, having made a career out of being a rock star. If you’ve ever met Diana, I’m sure you would agree.