Cool Blogs to Follow

Want to do some reading but find yourself lacking time? Check out these blogs that feature tips about everything from traveling as a young woman to cooking for the first time on your own.

We are Travel Girls

Bitten by the travel bug? We are Travel Girls is your go-to blog for everything travel related. Co-founders Becky and Vanessa have provided an outlet for girls to share their abroad experiences with the web. Whether you’re scoping out restaurants in France, searching for photo ops in New Zealand, or looking for tips when traveling alone – these girls have the answer.

Mostly Morgan

If you find yourself struggling in college –whether it be adjusting to a new lifestyle, dealing with a roommate or simply picking an outfit – Mostly Morgan is a great website to browse. Morgan is a twenty-year-old girl who started her blog from her college dorm and has now ventured to the next stage of her life with an internship in New York. Her blog is the perfect guidebook for college-aged girls.

Not Your Average College Food

Freaking out because soon you’ll have to start cooking for yourself? Broaden your horizons past endless grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. College senior Emily has got you covered with her food blog. Emily shares simple, delicious recipes specifically tailored to college students with limited resources and experience.


For those of you interested in starting your own business, blogger Mariah Coz shares her work advice through her blog, Femtreprenuer. Mariah offers honest results including personal failures and successes bound to motivate others to start their own businesses.

Simply Fiercely

If you’re looking to de-clutter your life physically or mentally – Simply Fiercely is the place for you. Follow reformed shopaholic turned minimalist, Jennifer as she makes a living through odd jobs. She is a huge advocate of limiting physical attachments and living life to the fullest. Jennifer guides people through intentional living by sharing stories from her own past.

These are just a few of the many blogs out there! If you have an interest of any sort, I guarantee there is a blog about it.