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Most days you’re in a rush to get to classes and you just don’t have time to stop and admire every little sight around you. But, occasionally there are days when the sunlight catches your eye in just the right way and, when you look around, you realize just how beautiful Santa Clara University really is.

Nestled between the engineering courtyard and the library, the little area containing a few benches and the statue of the holy family is a wonderful place to sit and take a deep breath. You don’t need to be a Christian to admire the rose bushes surrounding the area or the beautiful details in the statue.

With all of the fountains off, the Mission Fountain represents exponential beauty. There’s something about the way running water sparkles in the sunlight that no artist can quite capture. It’s a beautiful rhythm of dancing light which can only be fully appreciated in person. The fountain also symbolizes the wishes and desires of many a student, as dozens of pennies glisten from the bottom of the water.

SCU’s architecture is probably the best example of how beautiful the campus really is. O’Connor’s high arches are the perfect place to sit and read a book as the sunlight peeks through the leaves of the trees. The clay-shingled roofs, the cobblestone paths, and the beautiful roses that can be seen everywhere on campus almost make you think you’re taking a stroll through an Italian garden instead of just trudging off to your next math lecture.

Katya prefers to experience life through a camera lense. Despite being a freshman mechanical engineering major, she loves photography and she even owns her own photography business. Aside from photography, Katya enjoys drawing, singing, and acting.
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