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Calle Carrwik ’15


Age: 22

Major: Communication

Hometown: Onsala, Sweden

Relationship Status: “Single and Ready to Mingle”

How are you involved on campus or in the community? I’m on the soccer team.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Spontaneous, funny, happy


Fun Facts

If you could drop everything and do whatever you wanted right now, what would you do? Travel.

…To? Bali

What is your guilty pleasure? Listening to Celine Dion and eating ice cream while watching The Bachelor.

Who is your celebrity crush? Jennifer Aniston

Who is your celebrity man crush? Channing Tatum

Favorite celebrity? Channing Tatum and Henrik Lundquist

What is your spirit animal? Channing Tatum’s dog

What is your theme song? “Bomfalleralla” by Afasi & Filthy

Fun Fact: I’m Swedish and have been told to look like Channing Tatum.

First thing you notice about someone: Eyes and Smile

What’s your favorite dessert? Swedish strawberries with milk and sugar

If you could have one superpower what would it be? Flying

Craziest memory at Santa Clara: Bay to Breakers


This or that

Hot Dogs or Legs? Legs

Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla

Blonde or Brunette? Brunette

Surfing or Snowboarding? Snowboarding


Keely is a junior at Santa Clara University, studying communication and creative writing.  She has a sense of humor, not to mention a talent for puns.  Keely is originally from sunny Arizona, but she absolutely loves her new home away from home at SCU.  Some of her passions include food, spending time with friends and family (including her 5 beautiful dogs), being active, and just having a good time. 
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