Bucky the Bronco

This week, Her Campus scored an exclusive interview with the Bronco, the myth, the legend himself: Bucky. Check out the low-down we got from one of SCU’s biggest celebs.

What goals do you have for SCU sports and team spirit?

As the mascot, my goal every game is to reflect the emotions of our fans, encourage the team, and hopefully raise the fans up to support our team through some sick dance moves and goofy antics. On the whole, I hope to loosen everyone up and have a good time at our sports games.


What is your favorite dance move? If you were in a dance battle with the mascot for St. Mary's what move would you do?

The kids really love it when I whip and nae nae, but I love Lil B's cooking dance. I also love to just gig throughout the game and improve my dance moves, too. Knowing St. Mary's, their mascot would probably do something like the whip and nae nae. You know, something unoriginal and overused. I would probably hit the quan, or a solid mix of the Spongebob and Cat Daddy, depending on the music. 


What has been your best memory as the mascot for Santa Clara?

My best memory as mascot has to be last year with men's basketball playing St. Mary's. Jarvis had a monster dunk where the crowd went wild, and Jared drove it down the lane and hit the game winning layup. It was the end of the season and seeing the team progress so much throughout the year was really special.


...also Vegas.

Many teams have Broncos as mascots. What makes you unique? 

What separates me from other schools' bronco mascots is the fact that every time an SCU student says #GoBroncos, I get a notification on my phone and a $5 check from Father Engh. I also have the dopest basketball shoes of any mascot.


Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Bucky is always down for a dance off— all you have to do is challenge me! But please, don't try to ride me like a horse.


And to students: Go to a game this year. Of any kind. Just go to at least one. At the very least, you get to see a group of hardworking, talented people engage in a beautiful harmony of athletic wonder, competing with developed abilities that humans have been using for thousands of years. #GOBRONCOS


Check out some of Bucky’s dance moves!